Introducing, Tamalcia J

Tamalcia T. Johnson is a young lady hailing from the beautiful Parish of St. Thomas on the island of Jamaica. She is a selfless young adult who believes that it is paramount to put God above all and then carefully cultivate the other priorities below, with zeal and enthusiasm. In a world where young grounded christians are seldom, Tamalcia is a standout.

She is a Kingdom Builder who demonstrates the characteristics of Godly principles. She is a leader who leads with an infectious energy and passion, that empowers her counterparts to think big. Tamalcia is a Christian writer who through her writings has been able to effect change in the kingdom. It is not every young Christian who can seamlessly go about Kingdom business all while managing the demands of one’s personal life.

She is currently a student of the UWI, Mona campus pursuing a Major in International Relations and a minor in Journalism. Tamalcia currently serves at the Church of God of Prophecy in Lyssons, St. Thomas where she is a Praise and Worship leader. She’s particularly active in the Youth Ministry as an administrator & has special responsibility for prayer. Also, as a member of Choosers Nation (Twelve) she is someone who understands that situations do not dictate her life, her choices do.

Her journey does not stop here.


8 thoughts on “Introducing, Tamalcia J”

  1. You have an impact on me already havent even started reading yet…. To be the best version of me amd what God has called me to be…

  2. You’re indeed a great role model to me personally 💕 I strongly believe that you have received the gift of wisdom and God has been speaking through you to me. I’m confident in the fact that if I continue to read your posts it’ll help me not just spiritually but will help me to be an extraordinary woman of God. #TeamApril

    Ps. I even introduced my friend Annecia Morrison she loves it just the same.

    Keep up the great work Tammy !!!!!

  3. You have made me proud. The work that you have done is great and the step you have taken is a very bold one. God is with you angel, and you must remember that His glory is your natural habitat.

  4. Proud of you baby girl,such motivation and inspiration is needed in our lives as Young people in Christ….

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