Lately it seems like self help is the new thing. Motivational speeches & Ted Talks have everybody hyped up on how powerful they are, and how much they can do. Many then move out to do courses in various areas. Some quit their jobs to do entrepreneurship full time, among other things. Do some people succeed? Sure, but some end up in perpetual struggle, or just plain failure. Did the motivational speakers lie? No. But ability, isn’t purpose. Being able to do something doesn’t mean you’re called to it. My issue with this philosophy is this: it doesn’t consider God’s role in our lives. What about His divine will for us? His timing? What about giving Him (and not ourselves) the credit? I’m sorry, but I’m resolute in my stance that we as humans are mere facilitators of God’s work in the earth; vessels; instruments.

Those Called Vs Those who Went

People are out here having more faith in themselves as the “created”, rather than the creator, and venturing into areas that simply weren’t willed for them. When one would have been sold on how much money they can make or how much success can come to them, it’s common for impulsive and eager behaviour to follow, with little or no guidance. The result? Premature access and defeat. I don’t want to release myself. These days people get a certificate and suddenly they’re ministers. Maybe the certificate is a part of the preparation, but it does not mean you’re ready for the platform you desire.

It was Bishop Courtney McLean who said you can know when someone is called to a thing vs who isn’t. The one who isn’t called is usually more eager. The called on the other hand knows the blood, sweat and tears that it’s going to take to complete the task. The called understands the weight of the calling. They’re hesitant, or even plain scared, but they’re willing and they know that what they’re called to, can only be best achieved with and in God.


Currently, the Lord has me in transition. My life is literally changing, and the reality that I’m no longer a child is admittedly intimidating. The Lord told me years ago through Rev. Kimola Brown-Lowe that He’s going to establish me in due season & I believe He’s getting ready to do it. I was excited when I initially got that word, but right now, I’m like “woah! Hold on just a second.” Have you ever said “yes” to God out of sheer willingness, without considering how much it’s going to require of you? I have, and now that it all seems to be unfolding, I’ve never felt more stretched and uncomfortable.

I’m reminded of Moses in Exodus 33. The Lord told Moses that he and his people should leave Sinai and set out for the place that He had promised to him through his forefathers. God made all the provisions for Moses’ journey and arrival. He drove away all their enemies, and just to make sure, He sent a “bodyguard” with them. The promise was literally being handed to Moses, and he was ready to go, until the Lord said that He wasn’t going to go with them. Moses said to God “If your presence will not go with me, do not bring us up from here” (Exodus 33:15). I can imagine that Moses may have been a bit hesitant. Yes Lord, I know this is what you said, but “just in case”, I need you to be there. All that the Lord had already done didn’t matter much to Moses now that he knew the Lord himself wasn’t coming. He didn’t care much about the promise, the fame, the success, or what God could give him, but his foremost desire was God himself being with him. There are countless people OF God who want to “go” WITHOUT God. There are countless of us as Christians who profess the name of Christ in our writing, singing, speaking, preaching; through our brands, but we take all the glory for ourselves. Moses wasn’t about that life, and neither am I.

The Process

Consider that in life, there are seasons/stages that one must go through before considered to be ready for anything. First, you’re introduced to a thing, then time is spent in preparation, afterwards there is a test, all of which has to happen before you are deemed competent; before the release. What do you think happens when people try to skip the second and third stages?

Yes, you’re endowed. Yes, you have the resources. Yes, you’ll eventually be a business owner, but now? Now, you’re supposed to be learning business ethics and strategy. Yes, you can naturally sing, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to record. Timing and guidance are very important factors, and if we keep God in the equation we’ll always be on point with those two things.

On one Condition

Like myself, you may be in a season of transition, or the Lord may be elevating you. My charge is this, stick with God. Stay humble, submitted and like Moses, REFUSE to go ahead without God. If we allow God to be our light and lamp, if we trust Him enough to let Him lead, all things will be well. My biggest fear was failure, and it used to cripple me, but now it forces me to trust Him more. So I’m answering His call to all these great things, but I’m not going until it’s time, & I’m only going on one condition, and that is He goes with me.




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Tamalcia Johnson is the Teens' Director and a Worship Leader at the Church of God of Prophecy in Lyssons, St. Thomas, Jamaica. She is Founder of the Pray For The Bride Prayer Movement. She is an aspiring author and speaker. Email her at

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  1. Awesome job again on this one Tami! as with a lot of your written blog work I can relate to this. I had gotten this same word before starting in ministry I had the doubts,the fears, was uncertain at times and the weight of it all has at times been overwhelming but when God says he’ll go with you he will full stop. The process we have to go through in our journey doesn’t always excite us but its value is phenomenal, the process we go through both indicates and impacts the magnitude of the person we become. Keep up the good work!

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