#PrayForTheBride is a prayer campaign aimed at “Redefining the Culture of Prayer in The Church,” as captured in its tagline.

What does that mean?

It appears that the Body of Christ and more accurately so, the Jamaican Church, prays only when we’re in trouble; when things are going wrong. As is, we turn the happenings of the church into a hot topic. The original culture of prayer that God introduced to us however, is one where we pray without ceasing, not sometimes. It is one where we pray before, after and during, about anything and everything. But the culture we have cultivated, is a weak one. Prayer now seems to be an extra-curricular activity, when it should be a foundation course. John Burton says one of the greatest indictments on the church today is that prayer is not the driving force. My assignment then is to mobilize the members of the body to, not worry, quarrel, tweet, post, cry, or talk about it, but to PRAY. Our approach and response to the good, bad, and the ugly has to be prayer. Redefining the culture of prayer then means changing the way we do it, that is, the ‘when’ and ‘why’, and not necessarily the ‘how’. The aim is for our prayer culture to be a powerful and potent one.

How did it start?

Quite frankly, it started out of my personal prayer for The Church. This was at a time when several things were happening and the Church’s response to these things were rather disheartening. I saw division where there should have been unity, discord where there should have been peace. I saw lovelessness, I didn’t see Christ. I left that prayer with a mandate that I’m trying as best as possible to carry out.

When did it begin?

The first leg of this campaign started on the 10th of June, 2018 and ran for 21 days. Registrants and supporters joined me in praying against witchcraft and cults in the church, religious spirits, and for discernment, commitment to service, among other things.

Are you interested? Then register at www.tamalciaj.com/prayforthebride.


1 Thessalonians 5:17 “…pray without ceasing.”


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Tamalcia Johnson is the Teens' Director and a Worship Leader at the Church of God of Prophecy in Lyssons, St. Thomas, Jamaica. She is Founder of the Pray For The Bride Prayer Movement. She is an aspiring author and speaker. Email her at theoracle876@gmail.com

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