God has angels (like Delta) and satan has demons (like Spirit). 🤣 Jokes aside, my experience with Spirit was upsetting. I wish I could find it in me to yell “I hate you!” at them like that lady did. As I sat in the airport I started seeing some similarities with actual spirits. Since I already started sharing my experience with you, why not continue?

Here are 5 ways that Spirit reminds me of spirits (I.e. the devil).

Spirits lure and entice (Gal 5:16 & James 1:13-14)

1 Peter 5:8 says the enemy goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. He does not aimlessly, and randomly go around with his fingers crossed. Oh no honey! The enemy, is a master strategist. He knows that he wants the souls of Tom & Jerry, so he devises a plan to make sure he succeeds. A plan that will entice and pull, much like Spirit. They have the cheapest prices on the board! With this and other strategies they subtly pull us into a trap. In the spiritual context that trap may be a broken marriage, a dysfunctional family or an untimely pregnancy. Sometimes a knight in shining armor turns out to be a geek in tin foil. Be sober.

With spirits everything comes at a cost. (Gen 3:23)

They don’t cater to you, they take from you, until you have nothing left to give. You overlooked the other airlines whose prices in comparison just seemed real expensive, & you thought you were fine but then you realized that your easy fix was nothing but a scam. Everything comes at a cost. A single checked bag and a carry-on costs $85, plus since you’re only allowed 40lbs, an extra $30 because your bag is 48lbs. Oh! & you can forget about a glass of water, unless you’re going to PAY. Some of you may have involved yourselves in things thinking you have nothing to lose. You steal light & water, you lie, you “carry home” things from work, you compromise sexually. That “cheap” action is way more expensive than you know. You think fondling is ok because it’s not intercourse.

What are you about to do that you know is wrong, but you’re doing it anyway because you think it will cost you nothing? If that is your resolve, the enemy is outsmarting you. Every action has a reaction; a consequence, whether good or bad. No sin goes unpunished for every sin is a doorway for the enemy.

Spirits are deceitful (Rev 12:9)

They smile with you. Their communication is great! The emails are super friendly. Their marketing is fun and you feel relaxed. But they are not catering to you, they only want what you have, your money. In real life, the enemy doesn’t want your money, but he wants what’s valuable. Your relationship with God? Your peace? Your joy? Your purpose! Don’t be fooled. His ultimate goal is to kill the purpose within you. The enemy doesn’t appear with a giant fork, horns and a red cape. Spirits need a body, and that is why he can be manifesting through that super nice girl that conveniently is a friend when you need one. It can be difficult to tell who is legit sometimes, which is why it’s important that we pray for the gift of discernment.

Spirits Rob You (John 10:10)

So ok, the awesome marketing entrapped you, & now you’re losing instead of saving. You’re losing not only money, but time, opportunities, family, loved ones, your job, your destiny. Real life example: Girl gets saved and is enthusiastic about her walk. Girl meets guy in church and thinks “awesome sauce, I already got my husband, look how easy” (Not). Girl and guy starts dating and girl starts to realize that guy isn’t mature in Christ, or even saved at all. They fall into the bed of fornication and she’s been robbed. She was robbed of time, purity, a piece of her soul, trust and faith in (believers) God. This girl currently is back in the world. Bad things come in pretty packages.

Spirits manipulate (1 Kings 19:2, 2 Cor 11:14 &1 Tim 4:1)

A good example is Jezebel. At this point you’re super regretful. You’ve realized that you’ve been tricked, & robbed and you’re walking out because that glittering thing surely wasn’t gold. After a 3 hr delay, and a change of gate to one 11 miles away, they’re offering everyone on the flight a $150 voucher to travel with them again. Pretty much like an abusive relationship. You’ve finally decided to leave, but you come home one night to dinner, roses, a hot shower, a massage, the most “genuine” confession of mistreatment, an apology, and a promise that it has ended. Listen to me woman, listen to me sir, don’t let an act of kindness in cases like these override the red flags. It will not stop, it will happen again until the get deliverance from the spirit that’s influencing their actions. Throw out feelings, grab logic, & Run!




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Tamalcia Johnson is the Teens' Director and a Worship Leader at the Church of God of Prophecy in Lyssons, St. Thomas, Jamaica. She is Founder of the Pray For The Bride Prayer Movement. She is an aspiring author and speaker. Email her at theoracle876@gmail.com

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  1. Lol pretty funny, yet sober at the same time. Almost fell into that same Spirit airlines trap then i dug into it cz it looked too good to be true and then i saw all the added things you had to pay for and thought, nope never mind! Now I’ll think of the spirits when i think of Spirit

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