Evolution Army

Day 9: Develop your Craft

to (cause something to) grow or change into a more advanced, larger, or stronger form.

You had started your journey to becoming a mathematician knowing only simple addition & subtraction, but wouldn’t it be necessary to learn Pythagoras theorem and matrices?

In the kingdom of God development (growth) is a necessity. Moving from where we were when we just found Christ, to where he wants us to be; our transformation in Him, is development. From being babes in Christ drinking milk, to mature Christians eating meat, is development. As Paul spoke of, moving from glory to glory implies different levels. Likewise, as we focus on evolving that’s literally it, moving from one level to the next, & we must do this PERPETUALLY, for there is always greater.

So be good stewards. A steward is someone who manages or looks after another’s property. So God gave us dominion (made us managers/stewards) in the earth (his property). He also gave us gifts and talents (his property) and left us to manage them. The onus is on us then, to develop and sharpen that gift & make it greater. God gave us lemons, we need to make lemonade. He gave us the ingredients for the cake, we need to bake it.

What am I saying? You are a naturally good singer, it doesn’t stop there, get voice training. Watch youtube videos & learn how to expand your range. If you’re a baker, experiment at home, try new things, coin your own recipes, take a course even! Do you sew? Make your family your mannequins; your free models. Start designing too. Interior decorators, make your home your canvas and get your practice on. If you write, or speak, read widely, expand your vocabulary. Event planners, volunteer at church or other organizers you’re apart of and learn from those who have been in the game. The possibilities are endless.

There are so many ways to build on what you already possess. Use your mind, sit down and think. Do not wait for opportunities to come to you, go get them. Create them! Anything you do, there is more to it, more to learn. Never settle for where you are. Develop your craft, & E V O L V E.

Think on: Matthew 25:14-30, 2 Corinthians 3:18 & 1 Corinthians 4:2.

Answer this: have you been a good steward? How do you plan to develop your craft? Are you at the same place you were when you just started? How have you developed your craft?

Tell God what’s on your heart.


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