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Day 7: Be Dependable

capable of being depended on; worthy of trust; reliable

For any craft, task, business or profession, dependability is not only a plus, it is a necessity. One must be able to hold you to your word and watch you faithfully deliver. People close to me know how passionate I am about customer service. I believe serving others should be taken more seriously than serving self. Whenever my radio is on I don’t need a clock because without even double checking, I am certain that when I hear Action and the Burgher Man, it’s 2pm. In seeking to evolve, one must be as dependable as clockwork. Excuses are simply not admissible. No, it’s not taking it too far, and don’t you dare say “I’m human.” Take what you do this seriously, and people will too. Principle is important.

How would you react for example if your paycheck is always late and sometimes absent? You’d quarrel, get frustrated, & if possible you’d seek to leave. Whatever service or good you’re offering is an option to people. There are others out there that are doing what you do. Why should they stick to you? If you are fine with your clients being family and friends only, don’t mind me. If you only want to see your work in your parish, don’t mind me. But if you’re thinking big, if you’re thinking excellence, if you’re thinking kingdom, seek to develop these qualities. They really place you a cut above the rest.

People will stick to you because of your dependability, and not necessarily because you’re the best in the game. The qualities you possess, and the principles you stand on, are just as important as the quality of what you have to offer. If you’ve already established something, it’s not too late to change the culture. If you have not yet started, emerge with a standard of excellence. Don’t think local, think international. You may have been born in a 3rd world country, but you belong to the Kingdom. That’s bigger than your nationality.

Faithfulness is attractive. Trustworthiness is attractive. E V O L V E!

Think on: Luke 16:10-12, Genesis 39:22-23, Genesis 1:27, 1 Corinthians 4:2 & Galatians 5:22

Pray from your heart.


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