Evolution Army

Day 6: Be Patient




the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

If you look for results on the first day of working out, if you expect someone to be completely transformed after praying for them a single time, if you believe that everything should be done instantly/quickly, good news, you’re so much like me! Bad news, we need help. We haven’t been getting this patience thing right.

I tend to live life in the fast lane. I get road rage walking behind slow persons. I get anxiety in traffic. ‘Slow’ makes me cringe, hands down. You can then imagine that slow movement in any other area of my life stirs up nothing but frustration.

But God is saying baby girl I know you’re excited to see progress, but there is a process. If you rush to the stage having forfeited the training and development that’s needed, you won’t stay there long. Some of you NEED also to understand this. Some vehicles accelerate faster than others, that doesn’t mean only a few are able to reach the destination. Have goals, yes, but don’t fall into a pressure trap. Set objectives, and do all you can to meet them, but if you don’t, life goes on. No like really, it does. Just keep working. Appreciate you pace.

Patience goes hand in hand with trust. If you trust totally that something is going to happen, the waiting period will not be one of frustration and worry. Today is my birthday, I knew that my birthday was going to come, and nothing can cancel that. It is a given that at 12:00am April 17th, my birthday would have begun. Instead of worrying, I was excited because I KNEW that master time would deliver this awesome gift to me. I had no doubt that my 22nd birthday did still a keep (was still going to happen). We must have this assurance about the promises of God. Whether it was received as a rhema (spoken word) or through the logos (written word), it is fact. Therefore if the word says you are the first and not the last (& you’re doing what you must), no matter how your present looks, no matter how slow you think you’re going, you should trust God enough to know that His will, WILL come to pass in your life. Many of us would have received prophetic declarations that at first evoked excitement, but after some time we began to question whether it was legitimate. Umm yes. We just need to be patient. God’s word (logos or rhema) will not return to him void. Therefore, as you evolve, be patient. Be patient with your company, your brand, your ministry. Everything about your life is deliberate, and that includes your pace.

Think on: Galatians 6:9, Galatians 5:22, Proverbs 3:5, Isaiah 55:11 & James 5:7

Read: Appreciate Your Pace

Watch: Pace of Grace

Prayer: Pray that the Lord will help you bear patience, for yourself & with others. Ask Him to help build your faith and trust in Him, to help you understand that His word is yes and amen, & will not relent. Pray that He’ll help you to find peace in your pace, understanding that you will reach your destination and your journey will not be cut off.


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