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Day 4: Be Definite in Purpose




clearly stated or decided; not vague or doubtful; unambiguous

Being definite in purpose is number 1 of the seven principles through which Hill says we will attain success. This is what we call having a mind of your own. There are 2 kinds of people, one who has a plan and sticks to it, and the other who changes their plan with every feeling or external opinion. Are you one who is definite in purpose, or one whose mind is easily changed? Do you make timely decisions, or are you indecisive? If you’re the latter of any of those questions, there is work to do. While counsel is good, never be so dependent that you simply cannot make a decision without the input of another. Think for yourself, and when you would have arrived at a decision, be rooted in it. One who is always changing their mind, or doesn’t know what they’re about is never attractive. I would not be interested in a business that changes it’s name and services every month. That suggests confusion.

Planning therefore is imperative. I know what it’s like to get an awesome idea that gets me so excited that I act immediately. But that impulsive behavior isn’t wise, & will bring you into disorganization and a crash maybe. Take your excited self to sit on a chair and think. Ask yourself pertinent questions. Define what it is that you’re going to do. State the purpose and objectives etc. Do some research. Figure out your limitations. Never be too proud to ask for advice from those who have done it before, & keep record off all these things.

While there will be some unforeseen things arising as you go along, planning eliminates confusion to a greater extent. It brings clarity, certainty and helps you to be more definite in the purpose that you’ve set out to accomplish.

“…any plan definitely put into continuous action in pursuit of a definite purpose may be successful even if it’s not the best plan.” -Napoleon Hill

The book continues to say those who are definite in their plans and purposes never accept temporary defeat as being more than an urge to greater effort. If you are sure of what you’re about, and determined to accomplish that, your pursuit will be perpetual, even in light of temporary defeat. Write the vision. Pursue with all your might. Succeed.

Think on: James 1:8, Habakkuk 2:2, Proverbs 21:5 & Proverbs 24:27

Read: Keep On Moving

Prayer: Father I come against instability and double mindedness in the name of Jesus Christ. Your word says you’ve given us a sound mind, therefore Lord you have enabled us to think for ourselves. Help us to tap into that Lord. I declare that we’ll not believe the lie that we can’t. I command the spirit of deception to leave, in the name of Jesus, & I declare that we will have no part with confusion, for confusion is not apart of you. Release us now into stability. Help us to not be hasty oh God but to take the necessary time to plan and plan well. & I ask Lord that in this time of planning, you’ll bring clarity and greater definition to our pending or ongoing pursuit. Amen.


P. S. This is the 4th piece of a 10 part series. Learn what it’s about and how it all began. Go go go!


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