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Day 3: Focus

pay particular attention to; an act of concentrating interest or activity on something.

I don’t know about you, but staying focused is just plain hard! We tend to be easily distracted by the least of things, and as usual, I have been there. I’ve had moments in worship, a conversation, or maybe class where I just gaze off thinking about some random foolishness, without even realizing. I had to begin making conscious decisions to take control of my thoughts.

Likewise, on this path to greater we must learn the art of focus. Life will throw things at you that will permanently derail you if you aren’t careful. It is therefore necessary to have a good foundation and deep roots. At times you may be slightly thrown off, but quickly get back on track. Don’t look to the left or to the right! Keep your eyes fixed on the target, and persistently pursue. Know what you’re about, and go get it.

Distraction can also come from doing too many things. Please, don’t stretch yourself thin. Know when your plate is full so that you don’t end up as a Jack of all trades but a master of none. Quality, is always more important than quantity.

I find that having my goals and objectives constantly in view helps me maintain focus. I am ever reminded of the path I’m on, and the next step to take. Focus therefore takes planning into account (stay tuned for day 4).

Listen, don’t be distracted by naysayers. Don’t be distracted by the lack of support. Don’t be distracted by the loss of drive. Don’t be distracted by your slow pace! But stay focused, not on the journey but on the destination.

Edit: Keep focused on Jesus! My God. In our pursuit of success, we can easily turn the focus to ourselves. But, let this resonate with you, we are God’s instruments in the earth. It’s not about us. Whatever we do, is for His glory, and the good of His people (I guess this is where we’re considered 😀).

Think on: Proverbs 4: 25

Read: Do Not Flinch

Prayer: Lord, You have given me an idea; a vision. I declare that it shall forever be before me as a goal after which I seek. I declare in the name of Jesus that I am one who is not easily distracted. I declare that I have regained control of my thoughts & by the power of God Almighty, I am a non-drifter. One who knows what I want and has made up my mind to actively pursue it, despite what is happening around me. Thank you Lord.


P. S. This is the 3rd of a 10 part series. Learn what it’s about and how it all began. Go go go!


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