Evolution Army

Day 2: Do it Now!

the action of delaying or postponing something.

Procrastination is a major hindrance to productivity, and is usually a byproduct of laziness, or comfort BUT, if we’re really serious about writing that book, or establishing that company, developing that product even, it makes perfect sense to start moving towards it now. Don’t tell yourself “I’ll do it later.” The longer you wait, the less likely it is to get done, the less likely it is that you’ll evolve.

In Napoleon Hill’s ‘Outwitting the Devil”, procrastination is likened onto the habit of drifting. A drifter, as harshly defined by the book is “one who is too lazy mentally to use his own brain.” I’ve found this to be so true. A few years ago I wasn’t one to properly think through anything or come up with ideas and thoughts of my own. I was even too lazy to think! Procrastination has brought me nothing but missed opportunities, stress and mediocrity. I’ve had so many “if onlys” in my life that I had to put a “DO IT NOW” note on my white board.

Edward Young said “Procrastination is the thief of time.” If I had transitioned from procrastination to efficiency earlier in my life, I’d be farther along the continuum of evolution. So take on the mental challenge to do it now. Bring yourself into the habit of doing “it” now. I started with the small stuff. For the life of me I don’t wash the dishes right away. I just have to leave, and come back, for no apparent reason. So I chose to start with this, and unimaginably, it was difficult. I literally felt strained. But then it became second nature. I wash as I go with ease. Likewise, it gets easier with the bigger things (writing the final paper, or that business plan). The less you procrastinate, the easier it becomes, the more fruitful you’ll be.

Think on: Proverbs 12:27

Read: Get Out of the Bed

Prayer: Daddy, many times we don’t move because we’re comfortable or even fearful, but I thank you Lord that we’re learning to move beyond safe. I thank you Lord that you’re teaching us to be efficient; to make hay while the sun shines. I thank you Lord that you’ve brought us to realize that time truly waits on no man. Today, we vow to think for ourselves, to do it now, so that we may, by your enabling, overcome & evolve.



P. S. This is the 2nd of a 10 part series. Learn what it’s about and how it all began. Go go go!

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