Evolution Army

Day 1: Diligence

showing care in one’s work or duties. Industrious; hard working. Having a desire to do a task well.

How many of us have plans and intents that all we do is lay in bed and think about? Dreams and desires so big the lazy in us is threatened?
I’ve overstepped things that I genuinely want to get done, because I know it’s going to require more than basic effort. It doesn’t take a genius to tell how that ended. It didn’t get done at all!

Here’s some “bad” but necessary news. Dreams, plans, ideas, big or small require hard work. You can’t own a multi-million dollar firm by thinking about how great it can be. Big ideas do require much thought, and careful thoughts too, but if they never leave our minds it’s pointless.
The human in us tends to wish for the easier way out. On my way home I pass several big houses. For many of my high school days I spent much time imagining that the owner of one house in particular would hand me the keys with the title. Becoming a home owner before 30 is easier when it’s given to you right? Snapping back to reality I realized that that will never happen. If I want to meet that goal, I’ll have to do my own hard work. So it is for any other goal we’ve set for ourselves at any level in this life. So it is as we seek to evolve. We must work hard.

Hard work means working until the finish, using stumbling blocks as stepping stones, effective time management, perseverance & resilience.

Think on: Proverbs 10:4, Proverbs 12:24, Proverbs 13:4 & Ecclesiastes 9:10

Prayer: Lord, I recognize that while it is somewhat natural to dream, diligence is not generally an innate characteristic. But Lord I know that you are faithful to give good things and to guide us into accomplishing what we desire. As I am seeking to evolve, I pray God that you’ll replace laziness with a spirit of diligence. Shift me from being laid back about tasks, to putting in serious efforts to meet goals, even when no one is looking. Cause me to not only recognize, but to accept that success, fruitfulness and productivity requires hard work. I pray also Lord, for the willingness to do.



P.S. Have you read Evolve yet? Do it now!

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