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10 Keys to Evolution: Introduction

I would have posted some time ago 6 basic tips to evolve. I was careful to say ‘basic’ however because for many, there may be some fine print (things that are lacking for example) , & the lack is therefore hindering their evolution. What are (some of) these things?

5.Low self esteem
10.Lack of drive/Dependability

While this list is in no way exhausted, these factors are undeniably some that are at the fore.

Maybe I don’t know many persons, but I can think of more persons in the world that are evolving, than I can find in the kingdom of God. I can find a greater number of broke people in church. I’m still searching for the saved AND successful, for faith AND works. There are in fact people who are making moves, but the number is way too small. Earlier this year I would have posted to my Facebook page some motivational pieces about our inherent greatness, and I will not stop saying these things until people finish my sentences for me.

“We were all created to be world changers, as cliche as it sounds. The power to do so is in our minds, but (some) humans are lazy. We refuse to think.”

“You are God’s greatest creation, with your mind as the most powerful tool yet. Create opportunities! Do the work! Evolve!”


When I go on my Instagram, day to day I see people young and old who are not even saved, milking ideas, investing, being creative, starting companies & building things, FEARLESSLY. People in the world are evolving, and realizing that they were created for far greater, & they don’t even have the Holy Spirit.

I Tamalcia Johnson, am determined to not be conformed to the unproductive culture pervading the Kingdom of God, and I’m inviting you to break away with me. Let’s vow to no longer be unfruitful, to no longer be ordinary. Let’s combat those 10 things working against us and unleash all that God has invested in us. Evolve!

I’m absolutely pumped about this because if you catch the vision, you’ll see that it is truly life changing. This is the year of open doors & of activation, which basically means anything I set out in faith to do will not fail! If that doesn’t give you butterflies, I don’t know what will! I will not miss this open heaven opportunity & I charge you also to catch the flow. Access is granted!

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Let’s evolve together!



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