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We often focus on the spiritual while neglecting the natural/physical, not realizing that they’re equally as important. You can’t pray for health, money, businesses or success while doing absolutely nothing to attain these things. The bible says however that what you sow, is what you reap. Sowing implies doing. Do the work!


There is only one person known to me, that would address this subject and ace it, & that is my guest writer, Noel Bell. Noel is passionate about being fruitful, productive and innovative. I promise you, this will inspire you to evolve.


Most if not all, persons like beautiful things. Men admire cars, jeeps, gadgets, and apartments, while women fall in love with great looking shoes, bags, clothes, and the latest fashion trends. This is not to say it cannot be vice versa, but to solidify the point that we all have that one thing that catches our attention and amazes us. One of my favorite insects is the beautiful butterfly.

Early one morning while feeling empty, broken, useless and unaccomplished, I asked God for an idea, just one creative idea that I could use to generate some income. It was then that I started thinking about beauty and not before long the butterfly crossed my mind.

The Power to Change

The butterfly is one of many insects that is capable of going through metamorphosis (A change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one).

Butterflies have within them the power to change. What is note worthy is that, the caterpillar since birth has everything inside it to become a beautiful butterfly. By observing this, I realized one of the most fundamental thing about God, Christianity and my personal walk of Faith.

“There are so many times we seek God asking Him for something that is already on the inside of us.”

This truth hit home so hard especially at a time where I was intentional about what I truly believed about God, as opposed to what had been taught through “unhealthy church traditions”. You might be wondering what is so important about the ideology of Metamorphosis, it is that we must all seek to evolve.

I was asking God for an idea that I could use to generate some income, not realizing that God had already placed everything inside me since creation, that I needed to be great. The problem I was having, which also seems to be a common problem among Christians alike, is that we tend to NOT EVOLVE what has been entrusted to us.

Gift Makes Room for You

Proverbs 18:16 says “A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” (KJV). I believe this is one of the popular bible verses that is used under the “name it and claim it” type of Christianity. What is lacking in that concept however, is that we have a responsibility to work. By work I mean to develop, to improve, to invest in, to transform, to shape and sharpen that gift.

If we should search the scriptures carefully, we will see that God has always given man (male and female) the responsibility to govern and evolve that which has been given to us. In Genesis 1:28 we are told to be FRUITFUL. Let’s look closely at what the verse is really saying. The laws that govern the earth say something can only be fruitful if it has a seed from which it evolved/developed. So when God tells you to be fruitful, it is a clear indication that within you lies something (a seed) that can bring forth fruit if nurtured properly.

Take the parable as told by Jesus, of the servants found in Matthew 25:14-30. The story tells of three servants who received talents (money) from their master when he was going away for a trip. The story goes on to say that two of the three invested what they got and received double, while one did nothing with what was given to him. The story concludes with two of the three servants being allowed into their master’s rest, while the other was called wicked and slothful/lazy.

Ironically, this exemplifies some of us today. We have been given a gift that we failed to evolve, we have been entrusted with talents and ideas that could have morphed into books, businesses, companies, albums, innovations, that possibly would change our generations to come. But instead we have become like the wicked and slothful servant that did nothing with what was given to him.

You were born with all the tools needed to become the best you. The problem is that we become static, resist change and neglect evolving. However, if you are going to become the best version of yourself, you should be willing to go through your metamorphosis, no matter how hard it may seem initially.

God wants us to evolve. He wants us to develop that which He has given us. He wants us to see trees as tables, iron ore as cars, trains, buses, bridges, and the skeleton of buildings. He wants us to see our ideas for what they can become. God is not into you just naming and claiming, this borders being covetous. Instead He has placed within you not just the seeds, but the power to change, and to evolve.


“Change is hard, but necessary.” ~ Noel Bell

There is a discipline in doing. Seek to evolve.

Who’s Noel?

He’s a student of Philosophy and Theology at the UWI, Mona, a business owner and professional photographer. Noel possesses the most thought provoking character known to man. He always inspires one to work, dig deeper, seek knowledge, and think for oneself. He’s a man of prayer, the word and of wisdom. Noel is straight forward and is known for truth, all while being a big joker, dubbing himself “the sexiest man alive.” Readers, my friend Noel Bell, wants you to evolve.


Check Yourself

Are you like the wise servant, or the lazy?

What are you doing to evolve?


Tamalcia J.

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