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“When the oceans rise and thunders roar.
I will soar with you above the storm
Father you are King over the flood
I will be still and know You are God.”
Hillsong United: Still

Can we truly say “I trust God this much”? I’d say yes, not because it is true, but because that’s what I believed. Ignorance is most deadly when you don’t know, that you don’t know. I thought my faith in God was so great, when in fact it was the exact opposite. It was not until my ceiling became my floor, that I began to see that I haven’t begun to trust Him yet. You thought the faith you had was enough, but now that you’ve sought the Lord & found Him, now that you’re prepared for more, now that the Lord is beginning to elevate and re-position you, you’re realizing that it’s time to go back in the classroom and learn for real what it means to have faith in God.

Lack of Faith

If faith is the evidence of things not seen, then the truth is I didn’t have faith at all, because faith is blind, & I could only have peace when I was able to SEE the finish line. I clearly forgot that His word is the light unto my path, which means only enough for me to see the next step. We often pray and tell God that I need money for the school fee, the bills etc, get up and say we’re trusting God, then borrow the money, & say “Jesus You came through.” Oh no, you came all the way through for yourself. Jesus didn’t do it, you did! I was grown to do everything for myself, independence we call it. I brought this teaching into my walk with Christ, and it would be fine until I reach the end of my abilities. It works until I can do no more & at that point, neglecting the infinite nature of God I would not move, because of my fear of failure. I was so reliant on my gifts, talents and capabilities that I was even serving God in my own strength!

Self-Reliance & Self- Righteousness

It was last December that the Lord started revealing to me my self-righteousness. I remember feeling so awestruck, it was as though a veil had been lifted. The Lord said you achieve much in your walk, you do well, you’re in good standing but you take the credit. God showed me that even in leading worship I had more faith in my voice, than I had in Him to move. I’d do so much for God, but not by God. I have much knowledge and I credited that to my much research, and seeking to learn from experiences. I did well enough in school. But I attributed all that to MY zeal, MY interest, MY HARD WORK. It was like I’m saved, because I know how to be. Consequently, I became so proud & even judgemental, subtly thinking I’m better, or above. I was absolutely mind-blown when He began to show me that I literally cannot do anything without Him. I can’t even love and desire Him, without Him, because it’s He who draws men unto Him! All this came after the worst 2 years of my life. I remember this scripture popped up one day and it made so much sense, 1 Cor 10:12 “Therefore let anyone who thinks that he stands take heed lest he falls.” And that I did, fall, because I tried to “earn” my salvation and “save” myself instead of letting Him do it. Titus 3:5, “he saved us, not because of works done by us in righteousness, but by his own mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit.” In the end, we must acknowledge that even our righteous acts are a consequence of God within us, not our abilities. Even our abilities are God-given, who are we to be puffed up because of them?


I then had to contend with something that crippled me my whole life:fear. I would allow opportunities to pass me by, excusing that I prefer to be safe. If you serve God in your own strength then fear and doubt will always be contending factors. When someone asks you to do something in church, you begin to think what you cannot do, or what you don’t have. The first reaction is worry and not prayer, not trust. You realize that in your capacity, you can’t, so you say no. God gave me ideas and I just wouldn’t act on them because I’m not about to look foolish. I don’t have any money. I’m not. I’m. I’m I’m…faithless! That’s what I was and without faith its impossible to please Him (Heb 11:6). So I revisited the ideas & decided to make a move. I upgraded my website, started writing again, looking towards what God says He’s going to do. Doubt started creeping in but yet again He reminded me that I shall not know failure, & I believe it. Fear is exterminated when you begin to trust God & His promises, because fear and faith cannot coexist. Napoleon Hill says fear is the tool of a man-made devil.You are boundless. Fear just doesn’t want you to be great. Fear is afraid of you, and what God has placed inside you. Believe this, God has not given you a spirit of fear but of P O W E R, over all power of the enemy, through L O V E, for there is no fear in love & a S O U N D M I N D, the capacity to think, reason and understand for oneself.


Step Out of the Boat

So make the move! Honestly, building faith is hard. God gives you a promise, an instruction & you want to believe, you want to go but everything you’re seeing is saying DON’T. Close your eyes if you must, but go. Step out of the boat. The waves are roaring, you’re terrified but go, for He has given the assurance that if you keep focused on Him, you won’t sink. Faith also calls for obedience. God is taking you out of your comfort zone, re-positioning you, building your faith, but you must do your part, and that is to obey. So if He says come, come. If He says fall, fall and trust He will catch you, or you’ll never move.

The Lord told me this is the start of something great. I don’t have all the resources, I have no clue how it’s going to turn out, but my daddy made me a promise & I believe it. God is stretching me, and many of you too. He’s ruffling the nest so that we’re no longer comfortable. If He must, He will push you out of the nest, because He wants us to soar. Many can relate to this journey, & some may find it so cruel, but it’s for our good and His glory. We are God’s instruments in the earth. The more people that’s crippled by fear, the more that’s disobedient, the less He has to use, & the more people remain in bondage. So it’s hard, but trust Him, it’ll get easier. Walk not by sight, but by faith. Step out of the boat, you will walk on water, and you shall not know failure, if you only keep focused on Him.



Check Yourself

Do you really have faith in God enough to fall?
Have you been serving God in your own strength?
Are you allowing fear to stop your growth?

Tamalcia J.


18 thoughts on “Oceans”

  1. Amen!!!
    Powerful words
    May the Lord continue to inspire you and use you to inspire others.
    I was at that place of fear and doubt but months of fasting and prayer and putting my trust completely in God has transformed me.
    Now I can say thank God for spiritual maturity!!!
    Great job WOG!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for this. It will certainly take me through the untried week ahead that I have no idea how to get through.
    May the Lord continue to bless you as you inspire others.


  3. story of my life, but a work in progress. It hit me hard when I realized things go day by day in God’s book, contrary to how I like to plan my life lol. Even the beloved prayer, give us this day our *daily* bread. Sheesh
    Thought provoking as always.


  4. Inspired words I can tell that God is taking you on a journey into uncharted waters, I believe that as a believer whenever we get comfortable God has a way of shifting up everything, its the spice of a belivers life no one knows how to keep things as interesting as God and the slowly causes a change of “persrspective” the way we see things. Again, inspired words continue to earnestly seek after God and the direction of the holy spirit.

    Liked by 1 person

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