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Identifying Lust

Picture this scenario. A group of saved people gazed with scornful expressions, and muttered statements of disapproval as a young woman made her way down the street exhibiting butt cheeks and cleavage. They then proceeded to discuss today’s young people, the distasteful practices that we’ve adapted and concluded by bashing this generation and reminiscing on the “good old days.” While they may have successfully described what they had seen, they had still failed. Why? They were looking through their natural eyes and not their spiritual eyes. They hadn’t seen someone who had an issue of lust and needed to be delivered. They didn’t see someone who is who she is, because she was molested at an early age. They did not see someone who is struggling to be freed, and they therefore definitely failed to identify an individual who needed to be saved.

In “Uprooting Lust” I had spoken on the implications of sexual sins and why we must abstain. But for those who had already rolled away the stone, for those who had failed to abstain, let’s move from the surface and go deeper. I spoke of lust due to engagement in consensual sexual activity. But there are other ways in which lust and therefore sexual immorality can be an issue. Inheritance (through the bloodline), molestation, secular music, television and social media, your environment and the people you’re surrounded by can all lead to your life being plagued by lust. Let me pause here to say that as opposed to popular belief, spirits/demons, curses and other like things are all real. Many have failed to identify the spirit of lust operating in their own lives, the lives of others and in extension the church because of two (2) main things. Disbelief: they’ve refused to accept that these things are not made up, and ignorance: they don’t know what to look for. My mentor would say that the manifestation (of the spirit) gives the spirit its name. That is, if someone is always lying then s/he is being influenced/ruled by a lying spirit. In continuing, one’s refusal to believe that these things are real does not mean they will refrain from operating in one’s life. Therefore, to uproot, we first must believe, and then acquire the necessary knowledge.

How do we identify lust? A characteristic of lust is its insatiability; the inability to be satisfied. It always wants and always seeks more. Which is why some people will move from lusting in the heart to fornication and become promiscuous. In all this they’ll end up committing adultery and then that same greed will lead to homosexuality among other things. Here are some simple ways in which I’ve seen sexual lust manifested.

  • Constantly seeking attention. You’re walking casually along your merry way and the street suddenly becomes a runway when you see a group of guys. Chest up, butt out, hips swinging with the hopes of enticing; the urge to seduce.
  • Being seriously aroused by the mildest sexual content (visual or audio).
  • Manipulation of others through seduction.
  • A guy’s neck oscillating like a fan with the passage of every female.
  • Perpetual flirtation.
  • The need to always dress “sexy.” Sexy also means, alluring, sensusual, SEDUCTIVE, PROVOCATIVE. As a Christian why would you want to “catch” someone with your body? Lust.
  • Undressing people of the opposite (or same) sex with your eyes.
  • Refusing to take “puss ina bag”; believing that you can’t marry someone before first having sex with her/him.
  • Mentally taking yourself to bed with someone who may or may not be a potential partner.
  • Fantasizing about one night stands.
  • Thinking it’s OK to have several sex partners.
  • Finding no fault with starting a relationship with sex.
  • Having a smutty mind; always thinking about sex and thwarting everything into something sexual.

For the saint, if you find that you keep falling into fornication, adultery, masturbation, pornography, homosexuality, incest, or even bestiality. If you’re “weak to men/women”, addicted to porn, simply cannot give up masturbation etc. don’t believe the lie that it’s because that’s how you’re made. You have a lust issue, or maybe even a sucubus and incubus issue (sex demons). Either way, you need deliverance. It’s that simple. Understand this though, lust can be subtle and cunning like its controller. It doesn’t have to be as brazen as a guy walking up to someone and offering oral sex, it can also be working through that super nice young man who is always there for you. In a case like this, the issue isn’t the action, it’s the motive. The truth is, not every girl is “bad” (promiscuous) and not every guy is really a “dog”. Some are internally contending with lust. A spirit that always wants more and will do anything to feed its appetite, but it just cannot be satisfied.

Search your heart, your life. Ask the Lord to reveal to you how lust operates in your life so that it can be addressed. The motive of the enemy is simple, to separate us from God, and lust is one of many schemes which he uses. Seek after more knowledge so that you may be less ignorant of the devil’s devices.

Regards, Tamalcia J.



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  1. Good job sis.. The gift from GOD to you is so inspiring.. Continue to give your gift.. Spiritual present frm JESUS

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