The Battle of Wills

Hi everyone, I’m trying to be poetic again. Lol. The bottom line of this piece is that you can’t fight God for too long. If there’s a call on your life no matter how far you run, you’ll end up right where He wants you. God’s will MUST prevail. I pray you’ll be encouraged. Stop running! Stop rebelling! Get aligned with the will of God and save yourself from the wiles of the enemy.

Key: double quotes represent the Lord speaking and single quotes represent the Child of God.

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me!” the King decrees.
With unstable lips but a convicted heart she shouts ‘Yes Lord’ as though she agrees.
They say warning comes before destruction? Well that, she received.
He said “I am a jealous God” but she failed to perceive.
She underestimated her calling, belittled His power.
Wandered off in the garden and was quickly devoured.
‘Oh He’ll be there waiting, open arms are guaranteed.’
“What about my will?” He asks. 👀 ‘Can’t you see I’m freed?’

“Freed? No. Deceived? Undoubtedly.”
“For you are nothing, apart from Me.”
‘I’ll be back, I won’t be gone too lo… Oooooh he’s cute.’
She’s entangled. She falls and then finally she conceives.
‘Oh, how I’ve done wrong! Who knew the hold was so strong!?’
‘Ok! I’m coming back, but I’ve brought someone along.’
‘This here is my darling Drew, he captivated my heart.’
‘We’re a link that’s unbreakable; till death do us part.’
“You sought freedom but spiritual captivity is what you found!”
“Realize your misconception, it’s time to turn around.”
“By your seeking, you tore us apart. Don’t you know you’re the one to be found?”
“I no longer sit upon the throne of your heart. Now, I’m in the background.”

‘Oh Lord I’m sorry! This time for real, WE’RE coming back to you.’
‘I receive your directions and submit to your will.’
‘Have your way Lord, if you’ll use me still.’
“Welcome home my child! Finally we’re reconciled!”
“But you’re not ready for the harvest, your life is out of line.”
“You must be pruned before we can commune.”
“For your body is My temple. And now, it’s dismantled.”
“You must be washed! You must be cleansed.”
“You must be purged before we can be well again.”
“So WE’RE coming back? No! It can’t be that way.”
“How can you except me to bless something in which I had no say?”
“Many were called, but I only chose you.”
“Don’t you know what you carry and what you’re empowered to do?”

“I’m repossessing, reclaiming my land!”
“Anything that illegally held my place must understand!”
“Understand that in you I have invested.”
“So with just anyone, I won’t allow you to be knitted.”
“The seeds I’ve sown have germinated.”
“And they need abundance of my light lest they be exterminated.”
“I’m sorry my child but it’s a no.”
“To the nations I’ve sent you and now, you have to go!”
“Get thee out of thy country to a land that I will show thee.”
‘Ok Jesus! I give you all of me!’
‘My spirit is freed and purpose is before me.’
‘Fill me up and send me out for your glory.’
‘To the nations I’ll go and tell your story.’
‘Subjected, and forever reminded that I am, your territory.’


Regards, Tamalcia J.


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