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You’re Single Because You’re Not Single

I know that title alone have you all thinking; it got me too, and best believe that’s a profound word right there. Oh Lord! Now this is no properly put together piece. This is a piece I’m making because I’m immensely blessed and transformed and I can’t keep this to myself. I’m sharing this piece because I know many people need this word and I pray it reaches far and wide! Oh hallelujah! I’m overwhelmed! 🙌🏾 God is really speaking to me and I know this won’t connect with all who reads it but I won’t let that stop me from sharing. God is awesome. I had planned to watch another film of Prophetess Bynum today because I believed it spoke to the theme of my fast. So I’m watching and I’m not really feeling it because she hasn’t started addressing the part I really want to hear yet. But I’m patiently waiting because I wanna learn. Then it stops working 👀. I reload, it’s just there buffering until I gave up on it. Then I remembered this other video I wanted to watch “No More Sheets.” Oh Lord 🙌🏾. The Lord knows your need before you ask Him! I may not be thinking about marriage now but He knows I will be and there’s baggage that I need to deal with before I get to that point! God is awesome! I’m praying really hard about spiritual progression but I believe God is saying baby girl you have some stuff to deal with before I can take you there!! 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾.
Now this article (likewise the video) will be very real. This post is primarily for those who are single. For those who want to get married. For those who have been in relationships before getting saved. For those who were promiscuous. For those who still struggle with sex. For those who are wondering why am I not yet married, and the list goes on. I was just fed and I want to pour into you all; as I learn I share. A lot of what I write is from the video so if you’re not pleased with the watered down version then go have a look for yourself [the link is in the comments]. Ready? Ok.
You can’t get married yet, because you’re not single. 👀 You’re single in the flesh, but your spirit is still tied up with everyone you’ve ever ‘been with’ in your past life. Until you deal with those, you’ll never be satisfied, even when you get married, because your marriage will not solve your lust problem. Then after a couple years with this person you’ll begin to you realize that you still feel lacking. Then what? A divorce will be the result because you chose your spouse for the ‘You’ at that point in your life, but what you didn’t know was that s/he will not be able to accommodate the growth you’ll undergo as life progresses. That’s why it’s so important that God choose for you! Only He knows what your future holds! Only He is omniscient, and omnipresent. The truth is many saints hurry and get married because they want to have sex 😳🙊 and use Paul as justification (I Cor 7:9) 🙅🏾. A young wo/man finds you attractive and comes to you prophelying, talking about “Oh the Lord says you’re my wife/husband” and because you are so disconnected from the spirit you can’t even discern that that was the father of lies talking! The time wasn’t taken to shed and purge of all the immorality and flesh from your past life so everything turns into a mess. You’re so bound that you can’t even enter into His gate with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise. So tied up that you can’t worship without being stimulated; without the pastor or worship leader instructing you: “lift your hands and give the Lord a praise.” You need a cheerleader to worship. And because we know how to do church we shout the loudest Hallelujah, but we’re not praising, better yet we’re not worshipping. You see water doesn’t wash away baggage 😱. When we emerge from that water we better know that we have to stay away from Mary and Paul lest we defile the Lord’s temple because we’re not strong enough yet. Don’t be too proud to flee (1 Thess 5:22).

We have to decide that listen, my reveling days are over! You have to make secondly and minutely decisions TO KILL THE FLESH THAT IS STILL SO VERY MUCH ALIVE. You still have residue from the world and it won’t leave by the snap of a finger! Mark 9:29. “And he said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.” So if you still feel something move in your stomach when Mary or Paul comes to mind, I’m sorry but you’re not ready yet! If you still play a sex scene in your mind every time you see someone attractive, you’re not ready yet! Get down in prayer and fasting. Consecrate yourself. Release the baggage. Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. Ask God to create in you a clean heart and renew a right spirit within you.
Also, understand that after you’ve gone through how many days of consecration, you have to change your method or you’ll find that you end up falling into the very same trap, again *face palm. Shift, change your method, walk a different path, lest you become once again entangled in the yoke of bondage. Hear this, many don’t understand that the act of baptism alone doesn’t get all the work down. Sorry to disappoint you but it’s not that easy. We are spiritual beings, so just as how you have to ‘deal with’ the physical things, you must go before God regarding the spiritual things. Many don’t know this, or refuse believe this. Therefore it goes down something like this: Baptism then Church every Sunday/Saturday, bible studies and other ministries maybe, repeat, repeat. Yes, it’s good that these things are being done but what about your closet time? What do you do when you go home? Do you seek God for yourself? Is church the only time you worship? War? Study? Meditate? I feel like I’m going off on a tangent but this must be said. The churches are bound because we’ve become too lazy. God’s bride isn’t seeking Him anymore.

We’re like some wives who were “hot like 10 fire side” when they got married and then watered down to looking like… You get the point. We need to seek God for ourselves so that our corporate worship can build a seat big enough for the glory of God to sit upon. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want God to visit, I want Him to dwell. Take a seat Lord, make yourself at home. Put up your feet Jesus! If we seek God in our closet then we will begin to see the gifts of the spirit working in the church, and if the gifts of the spirit are working we’ll be able to recognize, by the Holy Spirit that Bro. Saul is demonized. A matter of fact the Glory of the Lord should be so much in church that people are delivered without anyone having to lay hands on them. Oh God man!
Getting back to it now. Demons are real and they take MANY forms. If one isn’t delivered from whatever is binding their soul before dying, he/she would have just walked through church to hell. Someone can be baptized, can be praising, living right and all that good stuff and still be tied up. I’m qualified to say that. But, but, but, if that person is really seeking God they’ll discover for themselves that something is wrong. Hallelujah! You are a deliverer Jesus! So, if you’ve been baptized for however long, and you can’t seem to be moving forward, you know the life you lived. Go to God about the things that may still be blocking your spiritual progression. Specifically to marriage and relationships, soul ties are very much real, and imminent once you’ve had sexual relations with people outside of marriage. There are things we need to shed before we can ever move forward in God. It will be difficult but don’t give up on yourself. Seek God HARD to shed that baggage, to be delivered, freed. Seek proper help if you need to, but it has to be done. My single readers, get single. Until you do, the good Lord won’t send you a spouse and I wouldn’t suggest you find one for yourself. You wouldn’t want to be joined with the wrong person until he/she dies. 👀
I do hope I helped someone, if I didn’t I’m positive that the video will. Please, please, please watch it. I promise you it will cause a change.

Written Jan. 24. 16

Regards, Tamalcia J


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  1. Glory! Tamalcia….you don’t know how much my Spirit was in agreement with what you were saying! It’s like I kept saying in my Spirit “Speak, Jesus!” ” Use her!” I have no doubt that He used you as a vessel to deliver His message and I receive it and touch in agreement! Wow…..Your steps are ordered by the Lord, honey! It was worth the read.

  2. Good day TamalciaJ. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you have done, I have been going through the same exact thing for the past few weeks and this is just what I needed to hear. May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you, make his face to shine upon you, be gracious and give you his peace continually. Indeed! GOD is to be praised! 👐👐

  3. Tami! Of all the articles I have read, this pierces me deeply… Initially, I was reading your current article “Break-Up to Marry” wherein u referred to this article, which thrusted me to read! About halfway in, I was gonna stop but gurl…could I contain myself? I read until the end! It touched me. Hope it did the same for someone else.

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