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Being Strategic in Prayer

This post is really about sharing with you some prayer strategies that I’ve undertaken. In less than a month, I’ve been seeing awesome results! They have proven to be of great help to me so maybe they can help you too. I’ve struggled with being consistent in prayer (I know I’m not alone on this one) but I’ve declared 2016 a major year on my journey to purpose. That being so, I decided I need to step up my prayer game. What is prayer? Simply put, prayer is communication with God. How do you pray? I use ACTS a lot, that is adoration, confession, thanksgiving and then supplication. However, this is not THE way but A way. Now, I couldn’t think of anything at the time so I consulted good old Google 🙈 (desperate times; desperate measures), and I found a few useful ones.
1. Prayer Triggers. This I use very often, it is really simple. it involves associating prayer with daily activities. That is, every time you open the fridge you pray. Or every time you watch a tv show, anything you choose. Now I’d advise that you use things that you do regularly.
2. Prayer Power Points. Most of us should be familiar with this is. This is where you merely set apart a few times per day to pray. The third one I liked was:
3. Drive by Praying. As you might have already begun to think, you pray randomly for anyone you might encounter while on the road. You may pass a guy on the side walk waiting for a taxi, pray for him. This doesn’t really fit into the “theme” but I’ve extended it not just to persons I pass on the road, but maybe even the person sitting beside me on the bus.
4. This strategy I picked up from the awesome Christian movie “War Room.” If you haven’t yet watched it, I strongly recommend you do. This is written prayers. As the name suggests, you write your prayers and pray them as often as you wish, in your closet time or otherwise. You can update your prayers as you see fit or as you are led.
5. This strategy I had been using from before, ‘Bible Prayers’. If I’m reading the bible and I encounter a prayer prayed by someone that I would like to pray, I’d use it. For example, I pray the prayer of Jabez every day. For those who are not familiar with it, it’s taken from 1 Chronicles 4:10 and it says “Oh that you would bless me indeed and enlarge my border, and that your hand will be with me, and that it would keep me from harm that it may not pain me.” I know this by heart and although I repeat it everyday, I don’t just say it, I pray it. Now let me say this, if you aren’t prepared for the answer, don’t pray the prayer. So if you don’t want anything else to do at church or in service to God, do not ask Him to enlarge your border. I warned you.
6. This I came up with myself, ‘Dream Praying’. If I happened to dream about someone that I hadn’t seen or heard from in a while, I’d pray for them. You can define this one as you wish.
7. This one is customary, if someone is laid on your heart, of course, pray for that person.
8. Just talk to Him. Remember He calls us friend, so why not treat Him like a friend.
9. Saving the best for last, ‘Declarative Prayers’. Now this I believe, is the most powerful and I love it. We’re best friends now 😁. With the ‘Dunamis’ and the ‘Exousia’ (Greek words for power and authority respectively) that God has given unto us, you speak things as though they were (Rom 4:17). So I declare in the name of Jesus, that flesh is dead, my desires and will are broken, and I am thirsting after God’s righteousness. I have a declaration sheet that I continuously add to, and I repeat one declaration each day, throughout the day. I also randomly declare things over my life as well as declare things in prayer using the word of God. Take it from me, if you believe, you will receive (Mark 11:24); lift your faith.

I don’t need to tell you how important prayer is; make sure you’re specific and consistent. If you have the gift of tongues, use your “heavenly language”, it’s more powerful than you know. Now, I STRONGLY recommend that you watch this video of Prophetess Juanita Bynum (singer of ‘You deserve the glory’) teaching on prayer [http://youtu.be/Gqi9BMdToEU]. She addresses the realms of prayer/God’s presence/The Tabernacle: the Outer Court, The Holy Place, and the Holy of Holies, as well as other VERY important things that we need to know as believers. Grab a book and a pen and go watch it. Now it is absolutely imperative that you remember your prayers. You wouldn’t want to fail to recognize when they’ve been answered. Lastly, your expectations (level of faith) have a lot to do with when you get your answer. Don’t expect God next month, expect Him now! Also, let me just add that God is no ‘Sugar Daddy’ or a ‘Side Nigga’ 😑, Prophetess Bynum will expound on this. Again I strongly recommend you watch that video, it’s 58 minutes long, let’s see how desperate you are. 😊

– Regards, Tamalcia J.


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  1. Thanks for the pointers! Very helpful and practical! Keep longing for God and His righteousness. I can tell He has already been using you! Be encouraged 🙂

  2. I think it was Solomon in Proverbs that spoke of a word in due seasons. I think I’ve just come across this now for a reason. Thanks Tami.

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