Who Are You?

“H- ELLO ELLO we are here, to say hello to Tami!
Tami is my name, worship is my game, I got Black Forrest cake on my mind, oopsy all the time”
You know who Tamalcia J is, now who are you?
When introducing ourselves we tend to give answers to the following questions: what is your name? How old are you? Which school do you attend? And you can think of other surface based questions to ask when getting to know someone, but do we ever get past the surface? How much do we know about ourselves? How long can you speak on the topic of “You” without being guided by questions? If the person asking the questions is as inquisitive and interrogative as myself, they’ll ask further questions like: what are your likes? What are your pet peeves? Do you have siblings? Are you the oldest, youngest or middle child? Are you a Christian? Are you dating someone? (I actually do ask questions like these). But how about questions like: “What motivates you? When do you work best? What are your weaknesses? Do you know how to get past those? What are your passions? What is your greatest ability? What is your dream job? If you had the ability to do just one thing right now what would it be and would it be a good choice? Where do you see yourself in a decade? The list is endless, but the ultimate question is do you really know who you are? If you can’t give a definite ‘yes’ to this question it’s time to do some self searching and developments. It’s time to dig deep and uncover the treasure(s) in you.
“One of the greatest gifts you could give yourself is to seek, find, and apply truth in your life. This is the path to becoming a healthy person.” Samuel López De Victoria, Ph.D (The Johari Window).

The Johari Window is a four part model/technique developed by American scientists Joseph Luft and Harry Ingram, and is used to better understand self as well as develop a better relationship with self and others.


> The public side to self: this is the side to self that both you and others have been introduced to and of which you speak freely.
> The blind side to self: others are aware of this side but you are not. An example is the common case where you believe you’re incapable but others believe you’re utterly brilliant.
> The hidden side to self: you know of this side but you choose not to reveal this to others either out of modesty or insecurities.
> The undiscovered side to self: Self explanatory. Neither yourself nor others are cognizant of this side to self. Here lies positive and negative attributes that are yet to be made known.
Sadly, many of us only have a blind side (and of course an undiscovered side), meaning we don’t know ourselves at all and refuse to accept or even test the soundness of the things others see in us, in most cases because of low self esteem. The aim however is to subtract from the undiscovered self and add to the public self.
There are also four different types of personalities further grouped into extroverted and introverted personalities. These are Choleric and Sanguine (Extroverted); Melancholy and Phlegmatic (Introverted). Read further at http://www.thetransformedsoul.com/additional-studies/miscellaneous-studies/the-four-human-temperaments

So who are you? There should be a minimal amount of things that we don’t know about ourselves. How will this be achieved? Through challenges, taking risks, overcoming fear. I’ve taken a habit of posting original (my intellectual property) motivational quotes on my wall, one of such is “The things you fear you are incapable of doing, do them; challenge yourself.” Another is “I have the power to do anything I want to do, to achieve anything I want to achieve in this life.” Many have expired a lifetime without leaving a mark. Why? They lived a rigid life. They lacked self confidence and thus became complacent within self set barriers. By observation I’ve found that trend is unfortunately common among our society. Follow my (new) walk and break free! Stand out! Refuse to be normal and be separated. Don’t believe walking with the crowd is the way to go, unless that crowd is a group of Oprah Winfreys (for the most part), Martin Luther King Jrs, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubmans etc. and even then seek to be greater. At the end of the day I may not have made the news but within myself and in the eyes of many I would have accomplished a lot. http://youtu.be/i41qWJ6QjPI (I was Here-Beyoncé)
When I leave this world I should still be living through the impacts I’ve made by my achievements in the fulfilling life I would have lived. Make sure to discover your abilities and don’t dare take them for granted, use them to improve you and to inspire others.
I must say however, you can never truly find yourself without having found The Lord Jesus Christ. We hold firm and believe strongly in our capabilities and models as previously referenced, but what happens when despite all our efforts we keep failing; we can’t make it happen. We are great but He’s the greatest. We are finite beings and can only do so much, but He is infinite and constant. We can achieve much having relied on our own strength but with God we can go places we’ve never dreamt of. Note carefully, when I say “with God” I don’t, by any means, mean the form of godliness that many of us hold dear to. I mean totally surrendering and serving The Lord with all your being.”But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” – Hebrews 11:6. I implore us all to find ourselves. Know our strengths, know our weaknesses too for at the end of the day the product will be, a better you.



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