A Glimpse of Who I Am

Who am I?
My name is Tamalcia T Johnson (Tami), a Christian young lady who is a 2nd year student of the University of the West Indies, Mona pursuing a major in International Relations and a double minor in Management Sudies and Social Psychology. I was born on April 17th, 1996. I grew up in the parish where I now permanently reside: St. Thomas, and is the middle child of a nuclear family of 5; I have an older brother and a younger sister.

I am not the average individual. While I enjoy going out (particularly trying new restaurants), I have no hobbies. However, I sing well and often engage in activities concerning the use and development of my talent. I am described as a very forward, meticulous, friendly and overly emotional individual. Although I’m easy to get along with I believe there is a limit to everything. Time must be made for jokes and other like things but it must be considered that there are important things to be done. I don’t like to waste time and I like to be occupied. I find that I can be very impatient and this is joined by my short temper (something I’ve improved on). The long and short of it, I am annoyed rather easily by many things but they can be justified. On the contrary I’m very affectionate and helpful towards others. I like to fix situations, therefore if I find that a particular person (friend or not) is unhappy, upset or sad about a particular situation, if there’s any way I can change that I will make it happen. Being able to do that makes me feel happy and accomplished. I’m rather assertive and in all honesty is a born leader. It is natural of me to take control.
I believe strongly in self development. There are always ways to improve you. I admit, until very recently I’ve been limiting myself out of fear and lack of self confidence but I’ve begun to out step my barriers. I would find that because I don’t like to fail I wouldn’t bother to try. Try new things! Challenge yourself! Failure is a part of moving forward. I sing well, I speak well, I write well, I can dance if I have a made up mind and I am rather dramatic and expressive so I can add drama to the list of things I can do. I’ve only been singing all my life but I’m now taking the time to enhance my other facets. Considering I’m writing a post and not a book I’ll have to say that who I am can’t be expressed in a single post. Anyhow, other parts of me will be unraveled in subsequent posts. I implore you, have frequent introspections and self searches. Ensure you know yourself to the core. Understanding who you are, what you are, whose you are, and what you want in life is key.

Why have I chosen to blog?
My previous self was best friends with procrastination. Hence, while I have been wanting to create one for an extended period of time I hadn’t gotten around to it until now. I’m very expressive and opinionated, and although I often have discussions with people around me I don’t seek to overwhelm anyone with my never ending thoughts. And quite frankly Facebook posts and tweets are utterly insufficient. Often times I’m quiet but my mind never stops. I’m always thinking about something. For that reason and also because I want to make use of and improve my ability, I’ve chosen to create a blog.

What to expect?
This blog will serve as a medium of expression for me. It’s main purpose is to facilitate my thoughts. Therefore I will be writing on any and everything I deem appropriate to be posted; I will follow no particular order. From my posts you’ll find where my passion and the greatest of them all lie, for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45). There will be no schedule that I’ll follow.

I will not post anything seeking to influence debates, controversial or conflicting comments. My thoughts are my thoughts, to which you may or may not agree. Nevertheless, do not believe my posts or your disapproval/differing perspective are by any means invitations to dispute anything I write. Your comments and insights are welcome but only on the standpoint that your motive is right. Profane language and any other disrespectful expressions will not be appreciated.



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